March 14, 2012

INTERVIEW: Donald Sutherland On The Hunger Games Script: "It was one of the most beautiful, inspiring scripts that I’ve read."

Donald Sutherland had an interview with Telegraph about The Hunger Games Script. He also compared Katniss to Joan of Arc, and looks back about his acting career.

Oh, what Gary Ross did to that script,” enthuses Sutherland. “It was, without any question, one of the most beautiful, inspiring scripts that I’ve read.” Sutherland is easily roused to passion in either direction, positive or negative, especially when explicating on a subject. “Just before shooting began, Gary added three scenes set in the Presidential Rose Garden that make lucid the concept of an oligarchy, of the privileged, of the hegemony of the Panem over the rest of the states…”… 
“When I read it, I thought it had the possibility to be the most influential American film since I can’t remember. What we’re dealing with is the destroyed fabric of a once-upon-a-time empire. And the empire is obviously here.” He says the parallels between the film’s heroine, Katniss Everdeen (played by Jennifer Lawrence), and Joan of Arc are extraordinary. “I went back to Shaw and the introduction that he did for Saint Joan. Do you remember it?” 

You can read the rest of the long article on The Telegraph.


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