March 20, 2012

INTERVIEW: Lenny Kravitz on Jennifer Lawrence: "She's like a young Meryl Streep"

Lenny Kravitz praises co-star Jennifer Lawrence and called her "the young Meryl Streep" in an interview with Digital Spy.
Kravitz – who plays Cinna in The Hunger Games - suggested that Lawrence has the talent to become one of the all-time great actresses.
"I think that Jennifer Lawrence is just an amazing actress… [I've] been watching her for a number of years and I just think she's got so much talent," the 'American Woman' singer said, according to Flicks and Bits.
Kravitz continued: "To me, she's like a young Meryl Streep, she's got a lot of range and people are going to see a lot coming from her. She is the character, from the moment I arrived on set, she just embodied Katniss's spirit." 

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