March 26, 2012

INTERVIEW: Willow Shields' interview with PARADE Magazine

PARADE Magazine sat down with our Prim, Willow Shields, to talk about the film and her co-stars. Read a snippet of the interview below:
On getting the role of Prim. "I was super excited, but I was also really surprised to get such an amazing role in such a big movie. Now, I'm super excited to shoot the next movies." 
On her favorite character in the series."That's a hard question. There are so many great characters. But I really like the character of Finnick. I think he's a really cool character because he's funny and nice to Katniss." 
Team Gale or Team Peeta?"Everyone thinks that there is this whole love triangle, but I don't think that's what the story is about. I think it's more about Katniss trying to fight in the Games for her family. That's how I look at it, so I couldn't choose between Gale and Peeta. I am Team Katniss!"
On filming with Jennifer Lawrence [Katniss Everdeen]."It was amazing. Jennifer is so talented. She's super nice. In between scenes, we were goofing around and talking, so that was really fun. We kind of became sisters not only on camera, but off camera, too."
On her co-stars Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth."They're so awesome. They are super nice. They are both such talented actors. Josh is super nice and he's so humble. Liam is quiet, but he has this strong attitude, so it's perfect for him to play Gale!"
On her favorite co-star."Jack Quaid [who plays Marvel]. Oh, my gosh, he is hilarious. He was making jokes the whole time."
On her favorite films and TV shows."I just saw Hugo not too long ago and that's my new favorite movie. It's really beautiful and it has amazing actors in it. Glee is my favorite TV show. I'm a real Gleek. I love listening to music, so I love watching that show." 
Even Willow can't wait to see Finnick come to life. So excited for Catching Fire.


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