March 16, 2012

NEWS: Amazon Hails Suzanne Collins as The Best-Selling Kindle Author of All Time!

Amazon announced today the Top 20 cities in the United States that have purchased copies of Suzanne Collins' Best-Selling Trilogy, The Hunger Games. They also hailed our beloved Suzanne Collins as the Best-Selling Kindle Author of All Time.

Here's the report from Market Watch:
After compiling sales data of all versions of the Hunger Games books, in both print and Kindle formats, on a per capita basis in cities with over 100,000 residents, the Top 20 cities with Hunger Games hysteria are: 
1. Sunnyvale, CA 11. Washington, DC
2. Salt Lake City, UT 12. Richmond, VA
3. Tallahassee, FL 13. Scottsdale, AZ
4. Seattle, WA 14. Wilmington, NC
5. Orlando, FL 15. Murfreesboro, TN
6. Pittsburgh, PA 16. Vancouver, WA
7. St. Louis, MO 17. Portland, OR
8. Provo, UT 18. Tampa, FL
9. San Francisco, CA 19. Overland Park, KS
10. Naperville, IL 20. Norman, OK
"There's no denying that the Hunger Games has become a worldwide phenomenon, and we love that it all started with a great book," said Jessica Schein, Young Adult Books Editor. "These books appeal to customers of all ages -- adults and teens alike -- and you can see from our Top 20 list they're captivating readers across the whole country. All three books in the trilogy are best sellers in print and on Kindle, and now our customers have made Suzanne Collins the best-selling Kindle author of all time."

To celebrate the success of the book series, Amazon is giving away a Kindle Fire and the Hunger Games book trilogy to twelve lucky winners in the The Hunger Games Book Trilogy Sweepstakes. Customers can visit to learn more and enter for a chance to win, or to purchase any of the books. The sweepstakes ends March 25, 2012 and there is no purchase necessary to enter.

"The Hunger Games," "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" currently hold the top three positions on the Amazon Best Sellers of 2012 (so far) print and Kindle book lists ( ). These lists, updated daily, capture the best-selling products of the year.

Wow! So proud of Suzanne.


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