March 22, 2012

NEWS: The Hunger Games was almost turned into a TV show?

Here's a rather surprising news about Suzanne Collins' Best-Selling Trilogy, The Hunger Games, apparently almost being made into a TV show. This is the first time that I've ever heard about this information. Thank God it didn't happen and our beloved book was made into a Major Motion Picture instead. Read the report from NY Daily Times below: 
Fans of “The Hunger Games” almost got a TV series instead of a movie.
At the Cinema Society’s post-premiere party for the picture on Monday night, producer Joe Drake was overheard telling a female pal that the highly anticipated flick was nearly developed for the small screen, which was a big reason the Suzanne Collins 2008 novel took almost four years to make it to cineplexes.
We didn’t hear Drake tell his friend what went into the decision to shoot “The Hunger Games” as a film instead of a series, but given all the gushing we heard after the screening at the School of Visual Arts in Chelsea, we bet the producer is happy with the decision.
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