April 11, 2012

INTERVIEW: Jackie Emerson (Foxface) reacts to reports that Gary Ross won't be directing 'Catching Fire'

Celebuzz had the chance to interview The Hunger Games star, Jackie Emerson, last night at Nylon Magazine's 13th Anniversary Party and asked her about her reaction to reports that Gary Ross will not be directing 'Catching Fire.'

Here's what Jackie had to say:
“I just heard about it today, and I am so upset! I’m just so sad,” she admitted at at Nylon Magazine’s Anniversary party at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles on Tuesday night. ”He’s such a talented director, and he really helped us connect with our characters in ways that I never have before. He had a method for working with everybody.” 
The actress added, “I mean for me, he helped me to get inside my head, and gave me an inner monologue. As I was looking around, instead of telling me ‘Ok, look right, look left,’ he really stressed, ‘You see this backpack, are you going to go for it?’ He really helps you to have that thought process. The whole thing about acting is you need people to see that thought process.”
In addition, Jackie also revealed the actor that she personally wants to play the coveted role of Finnick Odair in Catching Fire:

Armie Hammer! He would be so perfect! But honestly, I don’t want to try to pick out any actors or actresses. I can’t wait to see who they pick, I’m sure whoever it is, they’ll be perfect for the part.”


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