April 28, 2012

INTERVIEW: Josh Hutcherson on girls: "Beautiful girls are dangerous!"

In a recent interview with Now Magazine, our Peeta Mellark, Josh Hutcherson talked about girls and what he looks for in a potential girlfriend.
When Now meets Josh at the luxury Four Seasons hotel inBeverly Hills, he’s casually dressed in jeans and a blue striped shirt and has a boyish smile and a twinkle in his eyes.
Unbelievably, he’s single. So what does the actor look for in a potential girlfriend? 
It’s pretty important for a girl to be herself,’ Josh tells us. ‘I don’t want someone who’s trying to make me think she’s a certain way when she’s something different.
‘I’d like 
to meet someone who’s really comfortable being in their own shoes and is down to have a 
fun time. 
‘I used to have a very specific type – like, dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin.
‘Now I’m kind of more into the beauty of 
a person, which I think is a good quality to have.’ 
Surely it’s easier for Josh to find 
a date when he’s surrounded by so many beautiful girls?
‘Beautiful girls can be dangerous,’ he says. ‘They’re tough to deal with sometimes.’
Read the entire interview HERE. 


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