April 21, 2012

INTERVIEW: Josh Hutcherson talks about Horror movies, playing bowling and The Hunger Games had the chance to interview Josh Hutcherson and asked him about his movies this year including Detention, 7 Days in Havana, and The Hunger Games. Josh also talked about bowling, horror movies and so much more.
Why haven’t you done a horror movie before and are you a fan of the genre? What scares you? 
Josh Hutcherson: ”I haven’t been avoiding the genre, I just don’t think the right thing had come along yet. I think that there’s never really been a project that I wanted to do that was in the horror genre. Nothing had come across my table yet [before this].
As far as what I’m afraid of, I hate spiders. I’m pretty good at being not afraid of almost anything, except for spiders. They just scare the crap out of me.”
In addition to skateboarding, you also bowl in Detention. Are you a good bowler?
Josh Hutcherson: ”I used to be a really good bowler. I used to be in a couple of leagues and my high score was like a 272, which I think is pretty spot-on. But I haven’t done it a lot lately so I’m a little out of swing. But, yeah, I could probably throw a few strikes here and there if I went to a lane now.” 
Between The Hunger Games and Detention you’ve done a lot of fighting for your life recently onscreen. Have you picked up any real life skills? 
Josh Hutcherson: ”Oh yeah, for sure. I learn something new with every single role. I think that with Detention I learned that in high school although there’s different types of people and cliques and whatnot, I think that everybody has their problems. So, many not so much about survival but I definitely learned more about myself as a person.”
Are you and Jennifer Lawrence going to beat Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at the MTV Movie Awards in the Best Kiss category? 
Josh Hutcherson: [Laughing] “I don’t know anything about that. It was a good kiss, I’m not going to lie. We’ll see what happens. I’m not sure.”
What were the highlights of your Hunger Games tour?
Josh Hutcherson: ”I mean, the traveling has been crazy. The mall tour was absolute madness. Just seeing all the fans and just seeing how passionate they were, that was definitely a highlight for me.”
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