April 18, 2012

INTERVIEW: Toby Jones (Claudius) talks about working with Jennifer in the upcoming film 'The Falling'

Toby Jones (Claudius Templesmith) and Jennifer Lawrence get to be in the same movie again in the upcoming film, The Falling previously titled, Serena. Check out what Toby had to say about Jen and the movie:

Toby Jones and Jennifer Lawrence never share any onscreen time in “The Hunger Games,” so they’re making up for that in the upcoming movie “The Falling.” Formerly titled “Serena,” the movie follows a couple played by Lawrence and Bradley Cooper as they commit a string of crimes to try to make money for their family. Jones plays the sheriff tasked with bringing them to justice.
IFC caught up with Jones at “The Hunger Games” premiere Monday night where he shared that “The Falling” will start shooting early next week. He said he’s excited to be returning to set with her as “The Hunger Games” is about to hit theaters, especially in a film that inverts their roles.
“I’m chasing her character,” he explained. “She’s the villain, I’m the hero.”
The movie, which also stars Rhys Ifans, tells the story of George and Serena Pemberton, the owners of a timber empire in North Carolina. However, their claim on the wealth becomes complicated when the couple finds out Serena can’t bear any children. Susanne Bier will direct it.
“Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have a love story that completely robs them of any moral place, and I as the sheriff, I’m chasing them down and trying to pin crimes on them that they’ve committed,” Jones explained of the film’s plot.


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