April 23, 2012

NEWS: Josh Hutcherson's new puppy, Driver, named after actor Ryan Gosling?

Josh Hutcherson shared where he got the name for his newly adopted, adorable puppy with US weekly, at the recent GLAAD Media Awards. Read what Josh had to say below!
“I’m obsessed with the movie Drive, and Ryan Gosling‘s character was named Driver,” he told Us Weekly at the GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles Saturday night. “I always thought it was a good name for a dog so it just kind of worked out.”
In case you missed it, here's Josh's pic with Driver 
View more pics HERE

Josh has always been outspoken about his admiration and idolism on Ryan Gosling. It's no surprise that he named his dog with some kind of connection with the actor. And P.S. I also think that it's a cool name for a dog. :)

Source: US Weekly


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