April 01, 2012

PHOTOS: Scans of Josh Hutcherson's Instyle Magazine Man of Style 2012 Issue

Josh Hutcherson is featured as a Man of Style in Instyle Magazine's 2012 Issue! Check out scans and an interview from his issue below:

Josh Hutcherson
Spring marks the return of peeps to store shelves, beaches teeming with vactioning undergrads, and the fifth season of Mad Men - but no event has been more wildly anticipated than the release of The Hunger Games. In the first film of the best selling trilogy about a dystopian future where kiads are forced to battle to the death on live tv, Josh Hutcherson stars as selfless Peeta Mellark, who carries a torch for Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence)."I've never connected with a character more than with Peeta," says J-Hutchm as he's known to friends. "Like him, I'm not going to compromise my integrity for anybody"

What do you blow big Hollywood money on? It's obviously not outdoor decorations.

I really love womens shoes- I think they're very sexy. So whenever I go into Bloomingdale's, I head to the women's shoe section and think, Hmm, maybe I'll get my next girlfriend a pair of those.

So if a gal wants to date J-Hutch, she needs to be ready to jump aboard?
I like feisty girls who can really hang with the guys. So, yes, she's got to be willing to hop on the back of the steel horse! Sorry, but that's a must.
You're a biker dude?
Yep, I have a Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight. It's a new model designed to look like an old-school '60s one. I put a metallic midnight-blue tank on it that has the outline of Kentucky on the side.

How easily do you fall in love?
Like that [snaps fingera]! I'd rather have loved and then lost than not loved at all. So when I'm in a relationship, I'm very "I love you, I love you, i love you!"

What women have to say:
Kristen Davis

Co-star, Journey 2: The mysterious Island.
"Josh is so smart and talented and disciplined. I look forward to watching his career unfold."

Jennifer Lawrence
Co-star, The Hunger Games.
"Josh is the kind of guy who would do anything for anybody. He's loyal, sweet, and hilarious. His style is very individual, but charming and cool."

Julianne Moore
Co-star, The kid are alright.
"He's exceptional in every way - handsome, articulate, and unfallingly polite - and unusually self-possessed for someone his age."


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