April 01, 2012

VOTE for Suzanne Collins & Jennifer Lawrence on TIME Magazine's 2012 Time 100 Poll

Vote for Suzanne Collins and Jennifer Lawrence on TIME Magazine's Annual Time 100 Poll. Voting ends on April 6 so VOTE NOW!

Suzanne Collins

Age: 49
Occupation: Writer, movie producer

As if selling more than 23 million copies of her dystopian Hunger Games series weren’t enough, now Collins is a movie mogul. She co-produced and co-wrote the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games, the one you might have noticed at the multiplex. Next up for her is a highly personal, illustrated children’s book about her experience of missing her father when he was posted in Vietnam. Presumably she’ll also be ushering the rest of her trilogy onto the screen. The odds seem ever in her favor.

Jennifer Lawrence

Age: 21
Occupation: Actress

Long before 2012, film critics (and movie executives) knew that Jennifer Lawrence had the goods. Her bracing performances in such films as The Burning Plain and Winter’s Bone — for which she received an Oscar nomination — set her apart as a performer to watch. Her debut last summer in X-Men: First Class introduced her to mainstream audiences. And on March 23, with her high-profile debut as the star of the hot new franchise The Hunger Games, Lawrence ascended to the ranks of Kristen Stewart and Natalie Portman as one of the most bankable stars of her generation.

Source: TIME


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