May 25, 2012

INTERVIEW: 'Happy Endings' star Eliza Coupe wants to play Johanna Mason in Catching Fire

Happy Endings star, Eliza Coupe recently had an interview with Celebuzz where she revealed her utmost love for The Hunger Games Trilogy and her desire to play one of the most coveted role in Catching Fire, Johanna Mason. She also revealed her pick for Finnick. Read what she had to say below!

“I’ve read all the books, I’m obsessed,” Coupe, 31, told us. “I wanted to be in the second ‘Hunger Games’ so bad as Johanna Mason.” 
So is she going in to audition? 
“We’re filming at the exact same time, so I can’t — I say that like it’s an option,” laughed Eliza. “I’m sure they don’t even know who I am!” 
Johanna Mason is the female Hunger Games victor from District 7. She’s described as having “spiky hair and wide-set brown eyes” and is older than Katniss. She’s got a tough girl attitude and is stronger and more cunning than one would think.
Too bad — Eliza would have been perfect!
Since Coupe is such a die hard fan, we also asked her who should play Finnick Odair, the”muscular, tan, bronze-haired” tribute who is described as being perfectly handsome. 
“I thought about that a lot and have cast [Finnick] in my head over and over again,” pondered Coupe. “Oliver Jackson-Cohen — he’s gorgeous, British, and just a gorgeous man. He would be amazing. He looks like [Finnick].” 

So, what do you guys think? Is she how you imagined Johanna in Catching Fire? Sound off in the comments below! 

Source: Celebuzz


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