May 04, 2012

INTERVIEW: Josh Hutcherson talks about Peeta and his London experience with The Oxford Student

Josh Hutcherson went to London, England for the first time (for The Hunger Games tour) recently and The Oxford Student had the chance to interview him about The Hunger Games' success and what he thought about city.
For any American experiencing England for the first time, the language is the same but the culture shock can make it feel like another planet. Often, it is the simpler things (taken for granted by locals) that take newcomers by surprise. Originally hailing from Union, Kentucky, Josh Hutcherson was no exception as he reflected on his first time travelling to London. “I was actually surprised at how many people were out and around…I didn’t realize that it was hustling and bustling like that all the time.” 
Whether fans support “Team Peeta” or “Team Gale”, Hutcherson’s motivation in auditioning for the role of Peeta came from his own appreciation and connection with the character’s personality. “With Peeta, what I think I love about him so much is that he’s very true to himself all the time, believes in maintaining who he is as a person no matter what kind of things he’s faced with.” 
A great deal of commotion has been made (most especially by concerned parents) over the translation of the book’s gory violence to film, and the importance of the process was not lost on Hutcherson during the tricky adaptation. “It has to be (brutal). That’s part of the essence of the book…that these kids are forced to be in these kinds of situations. It was tough to find that balance, staying true to the book without alienating the audience.”


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