May 07, 2012

VIDEO: Elizabeth Banks (Effie) talks about Catching Fire director, Francis Lawrence

Elizabeth Banks talks a bit more about Catching Fire director, Francis Lawrence in this new interview with MTV. The actress also jokes about her co-star Ben Falcone in their upcoming movie What to Expect, that he is taking over the role of President Snow in the next 2 (or 3) Hunger Games films. Ha! Check out the video below.

When MTV News caught up with castmember Elizabeth Banks recently as she promoted her latest movie, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” we asked for an update on the “Catching Fire” casting rumors, as well as her thoughts on new director Francis Lawrence. More specifically, though, is there room in “Fire” for her “Expecting” husband Ben Falcone (of “Bridesmaids” fame)? 
“Yes, he’s Finnick,” Effie Trinket herself joked. “I’m here to announce that he’s replacing President Snow.” 
“Right,” agreed Falcone. “Yes.”
“You are the new president of the Capitol,” she informed her co-star.
“Yes. No thanks, Donald Sutherland,” Falcone joked of the actual President Snow.
Getting serious for a second, we then asked Banks what she thinks of Lawrence taking over directorial duties on the film’s sequel, “Catching Fire.”
“[I'm] very excited. I mean, I can’t wait,” Banks said. “I haven’t met him, but we’ll see. I think he’s going to do great.”
Source: MTV


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