May 02, 2012

VIDEO: Elizabeth Banks talks about 'Catching Fire' director, Francis Lawrence

Our lovely Effie Trinket, Elizabeth Banks, was at the Lucky Magazine's FABB West Press Conference yesterday where she talked about 30 Rock, her upcoming movie - What To Expect When You're Expecting, Effie's wardrobe, and Catching Fire director, Francis Lawrence (6:20 mark). Check out the video below!

Predictably, the topic turned to Hunger Games when one blogger asked Banks what she’d steal from Effie Trinket’s eccentric wardrobe.The actress ‘fessed up that she has her eye on a pair of Effie’s flashy footwear. “Effie had some amazing gold Alexander McQueen booties that I am deservately trying to get. They’re probably going to be worth money some day and that’s why they don’t want to give them to me. I’ll wear them. They probably just preserve them!” 
As for the new director of the sequel Catching Fire, Frances Lawrence, Banks observed: “I’ve never met Francis but he seems lovely. I like his movies and I’m excited for a new voice to be involved. It’s gonna be great for the franchise and that’s really all I know.”

Source: THR 


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