June 21, 2012

INTERVIEW: Elizabeth Banks on Catching Fire: "Effie does have a little more to do in Catching Fire book"

While promoting her latest movie People Like Us, which will hit theaters on June 29th, Elizabeth Banks has also been answering some questions about The Hunger Games including Gary Ross' departure from the franchise, her character Effie, and her insights about the sequel, Catching Fire.

“I am really happy for Gary because he made the decision that was right for him,” Banks says. “He will go on to have a lovely life, and a great career, because The Hunger Games is a great movie, and he proved that he’s an amazing writer.” 
Still, it’s onward for the actress. “It will be good to have Catching Fire seen through fresh eyes,” she says. 
At this point, Banks isn’t sure how prominent her Effie part will be in the second film. “Effie does have a little more to do in the (Catching Fire) book, but you never know what’s going to make it to the screen.”
For us, the more Elizabeth Banks as Effie on the screen, the better.

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