June 14, 2012

NEWS: Best Buy offers an Exclusive Hunger Games Blu-ray/DVD Collector's Box Set

Have you pre-ordered or at least decided where you're going to purchase your Hunger Games Blu-ray/DVD yet? Well, here's another thing that will make your choices even harder - Best Buy's Exclusive Hunger Games Blu-ray/DVD Collectors Box Set.

According to Hypable:
This exclusive edition includes 2 DVD’s, 2 Blu-ray discs, a digital copy of The Hunger Games, and a beautiful collectors box. It also comes with a limited edition Hunger Games collectible that will be numbered, available exclusively at Best Buy.
This edition is currently listed on their Canadian site as well as their US site. The US site does not offer any details or picture, but we suspect they’re exactly the same.

Isn't this AWESOME? I was initially planning to buy mine from Walmart, but I think this changes that plan. Where are you guys planning to buy your Hunger Games Blu-ray/DVD?

 Pre-order the Canadian Version by clicking HERE.
Pre-order the American Version by clicking HERE.


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