June 13, 2012

NEWS: The Hunger Games lands 6th spot on TotalFilm's 50 Greatest Movie Events list (2012)

The Hunger Games landed on the 6th spot of Total Film's 50 Greatest Movie Events of 2012 So Far. Some of the other movies include the highly anticipated Christopher Nolan film, The Dark Knight Rises, the smash hit movie, The Avengers, and the Academy award-winning film, The Artist. Here's what they had to say about THG.
Teen Cinema Comes Of Age
The Event: After the ongoing non-event that is the Twilight Saga, Gary Ross’s adaptation of The Hunger Games was a welcome reminder that cinema aimed at young adults can be both invigorating and exciting. Jennifer Lawrence certainly played her part in that, proving that her Oscar-nommed turn inWinter’s Bone was no fluke.

Future Implications: We’d like to say that the rest of the series will be sure to live up to the standards set by this opening instalment, but with Ross having left over the studio’s tight filming deadline (Catching Fire is due for release as soon as next year), we’ve got our reservations...

Check out the full list HERE.

Source: Total Film 


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