June 15, 2012

NEWS: Jennifer Lawrence lands a spot on 'Top 10 Celebrity Role Models for Kids' list

Our flawless girl on fire, Jennifer Lawrence made the list of KidzWorld's 'Top 10 Celebrity Role Models for Kids' list at the no. 10 position (Though we think that she should be no. 1 or at least be on the Top 5). Other celebrities who also made the list include: Justin Bieber (#9), Dakota Fanning (#8), Emma Watson (#7), Leonardo DiCaprio (#4), Ellen Degeneres (#3) and Taylor Swift (#1).

10. Jennifer Lawrence
Since landing the role as Katniss on The Hunger Games, Jennifer Lawrence has been dubbed a role model. While many people have called Jennifer fat, she doesn’t buckle under the pressure to be too thin. She’s a normal, healthy weight and wouldn’t want to be any different. That confidence is worth looking up to.
Just ignore the fat part guys. Jen is not fat. Who is your role model? Sound off on the comments below!

Check out the full list at KidzWorld.


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