June 28, 2012

VIDEO: Elizabeth Banks excited to visit the other districts in Catching Fire

Next Movie recently talked with our Effie, Elizabeth Banks in promotion for her latest movie People Like Us, where she also talked a little bit about being excited to start filming Catching Fire, getting back to her character Effie and getting to see the other districts of Panem. 

(Head over to 1:10 mark)

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She’ll soon reprise a role no one is rooting for: Effie Trinket in the second segment of the “Hunger Games” series. Underdog or no, Banks is looking forward to getting back into Effie’s whimsical shoes. 
“I don’t know where the focus is going to be yet for the movie. It’s all being figured out now. I’m just excited to get back into Effie and visit the Districts. That’s what’s gonna be really cool, just seeing the other Districts.”

Source: Next Movie


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