July 15, 2012

INTERVIEW: Josh Hutcherson talks about what makes him laugh in the latest issue of ELLE

Josh Hutcherson is featured in the August issue of ELLE Magazine in UK. Read the excerpt of Josh's interview below.
In this month's ELLE, we spoke to The Hunger Games' Josh Hutcherson about his new film, 7 days in Havana. 
Josh was so chatty that we couldn't include everything he told us in the interview in the magazine. So here are the extra bits, just for you. 
What makes him laugh - ‘I’m one of those people who watches horrible Youtube videos until three in the morning and just laughs at the most random stuff. Both Jennifer Lawrence and I love random, awkward humour.’ 
Secret skill - 'I can spin a basketball on my finger until the sun goes down, which is always impressive.’ 
Favourite book - ‘Catcher in the Rye. I’ve read that book so many times. I love coming of age stories about people gaining their independence and going out into a new world and that’s definitely what the hero, Holden Caulfield goes through, I identify with it a lot. I would love to play Holden Caulfield if the book were made into a movie but at the same time I think it’s such a great classic, it should be left in that world.' 
Favourite film - Fight Club could be the favourite. I saw that movie way before I should have been allowed to and it just blew me away. I’d never seen a movie done in that style before. It made me think, ‘Oh my god, I really wanna be an actor and a better actor at that.’’ 
Most proud of - ‘I was recently awarded the Vanguard award from GLAAD , which is the gay and lesbian community support group. It honours people who stand up for the right thing and put every effort they can into fighting for equal rights. The honour meant the world to me. Obviously acting is my passion for life and what I want to do with my career but to me, working with civil rights groups is so much bigger.' 
Summer playlist - ‘Every time Feel So Close by Calvin Harris comes on I just want to jump up and down. No matter what kind of mood you’re in it will just make you happy. I’m kind of into The Killers lately - I listen to their album front to back all the time. Also, Kane West and Jay Z’s album, Watch the Throne is insane.’
Read more on the August issue of ELLE (UK), which on sale now.


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