July 23, 2012

NEWS: Jennifer Lawrence makes Vulture's '100 Most Valuable Movie Stars' list

Our very own girl on fire, Jennifer Lawrence made Vulture Magazine's 100 Most Valuable Movie Stars list at #16. According to Vulture, they determined the movie stars' value by calculating data points based on domestic box office, overseas box office, likability, studio value, Oscars, Critics' score, magazines covers and tabloid value (You can read more about the process here). Read what they had to say about Jennifer below.

Jennifer Lawrence introduced herself to critics and indie audiences when she won an Oscar nomination for her role in the acclaimed 2010 drama Winter’s Bone, but it took the rest of America a little longer to learn her name: That red Calvin Klein dress she wore to the Oscars helped a little, and then getting cast as Katniss Everdeen in the massively popularHunger Games franchise did the rest. The first movie in the series grossed half a billion worldwide and cemented Lawrence’s ability to anchor both popcorn flicks and art house fare (and to imbue each with her strengths in the other), a dual talent that results in a high overall studio value. 
Equally at home with the understated drama of Winter’s Bone as she is inhabiting an electric blue, semi-nude mutant Mystique in X-Men: First Class, she’s got significant audience recognition from winning visits to late-night talk shows and frequent appearances in mass-appeal glossy magazines. She’s also got a great likeability score, thanks to both her sex appeal and her chilled-out custodial duties as the head of the Hunger Games franchise. With a slew of high-profile roles, including sequels to both the X-Men and Hunger Games franchises in Lawrence’s near future, the odds will almost certainly be forever in her favor.
The Top 20 Valuable Movie Stars:


Jennifer Lawrence is also on spot #9 on their list of Most Valuable Action Stars and #10 on their list of Most Valuable Drama Stars. Congratulations Jennifer! We're very proud of you!

Check out the full "100 Valuable Movie Stars" list on Vulture


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