July 10, 2012

REPORT: Catching Fire to film in Atlanta (Georgia) & Kauai (Hawaii) with new costume designer

There have been a lot of rumors lately that The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire will be filming in Atalanta, GA and Kauai in Hawaii. New reports have also surfaced today, suggesting that filming locations for the film will indeed include those two. While these reports have not been confirmed by Lionsgate, we have also learned that Catching Fire will have a new costume designer.

According to Kate Emory from FSU Film:
From Kate Emery (MFA 10) “Not more than an hour after the numbers officially came in for the Hunger Games opening weekend, production designer Philip Messina asked me to come back for the sequel, Catching Fire. I’ve been on as Art PA for about three months now and I’m having a blast. We’ll be in preproduction for a few more months and then we’re going to shoot in Atlanta. Francis Lawrence (I am Legend, Like Water for Elephants) is directing and our new costume designer is Trish Summerville (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Together with Phil they’re taking the story in an exciting cinematic direction. I’m thrilled to be so involved in the project and can’t wait to see our work spring to life in Atlanta! Look for Catching Fire on November 22, 2013”.
According to the official Facebook page of

Thanks to TheHob for the tip.


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