July 14, 2012

VIDEO: Willow Shields talks about which scene she's most excited to film in Catching Fire

MTV caught up with our Primrose, Willow Shields at the San Diego Comic Con recently where they talked about her character Prim and which scene she is most excited to film in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

image?.CaptionEven Primrose Everdeen herself, Willow Shields, is clueless about when she's going to be called to come before the cameras.
"We heard rumors about fall, but we're not exactly sure when," she told MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con. "It's still a secret from me too."

There isn't a script yet (at least that Shields has seen), but she said just reading the novel version of "Catching Fire" has given her a good idea of what to expect. Even though she's not sure what will or won't make the final cut, Shields knows the scene she's most excited about. 
"It's a scene where Haymitch, Peeta and I are sitting around in our new house and we're stuffing our faces with candy and making fun of Katniss, and I just think it would be a really fun scene to do because we're just goofing around and having fun," Shields said. "And although Katniss gets mad at us, we're still having fun, so it would be a fun scene to shoot plus I would be able to shoot a scene with Josh and Woody Harrelson, so that would be really fun."

Shields has three more "Hunger Games" movies to look forward to, so we couldn't resist asking what she's most looking forward to in her character arc. Like Daniel Radcliffe, Kristen Stewart and many before her, Shields is just happy to grow at the same rate as her character. 
"I'm excited to grow up with Prim's character, because, you know, I have basically three more movies, but I'm going to be 15 or 16 by the end, but I started off when I was 10," she said. "So it's going to be really interesting to go start to finish and just to see what a difference my acting has become, and just growing up with that character is going to be really fun."
That's one of the scenes that I'm excited to see in Catching Fire as well! How about you? Which scene in Catching Fire are you most excited about? 


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