August 13, 2012

VIDEO: Hunger Games DVD Clip - Jennifer, Josh, Liam & Elizabeth sign autographs for District 12 Extras

MTV shares a new great clip of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, & Willow Shields, signing autographs for the reaping scene extras. The Hunger Games Blu-ray/DVD is available in stores Saturday, August 18th.

MTV News has a special treat for you in the form of an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray in which the principal castmembers, Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Elizabeth Banks signed autographs for the children who served as extras for the emotional reaping scene in District 12.

“This is Liam, he’s very handsome,” Banks says to an enthusiastic extra about her co-star seated next to her, as she signs an autograph.

“This is Elizabeth. She’s also very handsome,” Hemsworth adds with a smile on his face.

The cast and crew endured extreme temperatures while filming the reaping, and in the clip, we see that the stars and the extras were set up in a tent to keep them in the shade. Everyone seemed in good spirits and the castmembers had no problem joking around with one another.

“It was the least we could do,” Lawrence said of the experience, during which we see her explain to a young extra that she is Katniss, after which Hutcherson introduces himself as Peeta. “It was so hot, and so many of them had driven for so many hours to be there. It was the least we could do to sign autographs and kind of thank everybody.”


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