August 17, 2012

INTERVIEW: Josh Hutcherson talks love, kissing Jennifer Lawrence & violence in 'Catching Fire'

Reuters has a new Q&A with Josh Hutcherson about the success of The Hunger Games, the progressively increasing violence in the later Hunger Games books, kissing Jennifer Lawrence and the relationship between Katniss & Peeta.

Q: You’ve had a few months to consider the success of “The Hunger Games.” Are you surprised at how well the movie has done? 
A: “It’s still mind-blowing to me. I think we all kind of knew there was a pretty big fan base for the books, but I never expected people to be this crazy about it and it to be this successful. Our main goal was to make a great movie and I think that’s what we did.” 
Q: The “Hunger Games” books get progressively darker and more violent as Katniss’ revolution rises against President Snow’s oppressive regime. How do you think this will be dealt with in the upcoming films, which are rated PG-13? 
A: “We didn’t shy away from the violence, but at the same time, we didn’t have to go graphic with it. So, I think it’ll be similar in the second movie as far as the action goes. As far as the overall story going to a darker place, I think sometimes in life, it can be very dark and grim and very real, and I feel that by writing the book that way, Suzanne made it feel real for me. That’s something young people are able to see … the story is about hope and rising up against something. Even though it’s dark at times, it still has this light being, Katniss, and her ability to try to start this big movement to fight.” 
Q: Speaking of Katniss, you and Jennifer won the MTV Movie Award for best kiss in June. It had been dominated by the stars of vampire romance “Twilight” in recent years. Feel good to win? 
A: “Jennifer and I are such good friends. One of the hardest parts for us is to pretend we’re in love on screen. It feels so cheesy at times because we’re in love with each other in real life as really good friends and just switching that dynamic over was like, ‘can we actually do this? We’re so goofy and silly together, can we actually pretend that we’re seriously lovers?’ It’s good to know that people say ‘yes, you can.’” 
Q: What are you most excited to explore in “Catching Fire?” 
A: “Katniss and Peeta’s relationship because Peeta loves Katniss and can’t help himself from loving Katniss. At the same time he feels like Katniss is just playing this game for everybody else and she doesn’t actually have any real feelings for Peeta. As an actor, it’s hard to play that, yet also really fun and challenging. I can’t wait to dive into that aspect.”
You can read the rest of the Q&A HERE. 


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