August 31, 2012

NEWS: 'The Hunger Games' DVD tops sales and rental charts for the 2nd week!

The Hunger Games dominated the charts when it came out about 2 weeks ago, selling a whopping 3.8 million copies in its 1st weekend. And now, Los Angeles Times is reporting that The Hunger Games is still the most purchased and rented DVD/Blu-ray until now (2nd week in a row). Check out the top 10 sale and rental charts below.
Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray sales 
1. “The Hunger Games” (Lionsgate). Week 2.
2. “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” (Universal). Week 3.
3. “The Dictator” (Paramount). Week 1.
4. “NCIS: The Ninth Season” (Paramount). Week 1.
5. “Dexter: The Sixth Season” (Paramount/Showtime). Week 2.
6. “Pocahontas/Pocahontas II” (Disney). Week 1.
7. “The Rescuers/The Rescuers Down Under” (Disney). Week 1.
8. “The Aristocats” (Disney). Week 1.
9. “House: Season 8″ (Universal) Week 1.
10. “Glee: The Complete Third Season” (Fox). Week 2.
 Top 10 DVD and Blu-ray rentals
1. “The Hunger Games” (Lionsgate). Week 2.
2. “The Dictator” (Paramount). Week 1.
3. “Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax” (Universal). Week 3.
4. “Bernie” (Millinnium Media Services). Week 1.
5. “Lockout” (Sony). Week 6.
6. ”Freelancers” (Lionsgate). Week 1.
7. “American Reunion” (Universal). Week 7.
8. “Dexter: The Sixth Season” (Paramount). Week 2
9. “21 Jump Street” (Sony). Week 9.
10. “Silent House” (Universal). Week 5.

Great job, tributes! If you haven't bought your copy or haven't decided which version to buy, this post might help you.


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