August 15, 2012

VIDEO: Director Gary Ross talks 'Music of The Hunger Games' in a newclip from the DVD Extras

Another new clip from The Hunger Games Blu-ray/DVD Extras has emerged online! In the video, director Gary Ross discusses the musical collaboration and the making of the score that was used in film. Check it out!

The centerpiece is “The World is Watching: The Making of The Hunger Games,” a comprehensive two-hour documentary that follows the production essentially from acquiring the book through the release of the film (including all the promotional efforts along the way). It shows just how much effort they made to be true to the book, the characters, and the story while recrafting the first-person novel as an immersive big screen experience. 
It also does something that very few such supplements accomplish: it gives viewers an sense of what it takes to make a film of this size, from adaptation to release, and all the decisions that have to be made at every step of the way. And it does it very well.
Can't wait to finally have my hands on the DVD. 



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