August 09, 2012

VIDEOS: Get to know more about Alan Ritchson (Gloss) and watch his American Idol audition

It has just been announced by Lionsgate this morning that Alan Ritchson will be playing the role of Gloss in The Hunger Games Catching Fire. Get to know more about Alan Ritchson by checking out pics and videos of him below, including his American Idol Season 3 audition.
About Gloss: 
A former Career tribute from District 1, Gloss and his sister Cashmere (who is also competing in the Games) are enamored of the Capitol. 
About Alan Ritchson: 
Alan Ritchson is the middle son of a retired US Air Force Chief Master Sergeant and a high school teacher. He began his career as a model, working for Abercrombie and Fitch and was also the model for the title character in BEOWULF, with Angelina Jolie. Ritchson most recently starred in the CBS comedy pilot SUPER FUN NIGHT with Rebel Wilson, and BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE, which aired on Spike TV for three seasons. Previously, Ritchson recurred as “Aquaman” on CW’s SMALLVILLE and appeared in Season 3 of 90210 as a love interest to the character “Teddy Montgomery.” In addition to acting, Alan continues to pursue music. He released an album in 2005 called “This Is Next Time.”


American Idol Audition

Alan Ritchson Singing

Singing Star Spangled Banner

Video Sources: ljparis, aritchson, thegreengirsTV
Photo Sources: Just Jarred


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