September 12, 2012

NEWS: Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart & Emma Watson hangout together in Toronto!

According to reports and to an interview with Harry Potter star Emma Watson, our very own Jennifer Lawrence, Twilight's Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson herself had the chance to meet each other last Saturday (September 8th) at the Soho House in Toronto while promoting their own movies at the Toronto International Film Festival.

After a long day at the Toronto International Film Festival, Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson met up at Soho House on 8th September for a good old fashioned natter. 
“It was really nice,” Emma told reporters at the premiere of 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower', according to 
“There’s always rumors that actresses have so much rivalry and that we don’t get on or anything.”
Oh right then! Maybe Jennifer and Kristen have a good laugh about their supposed Twilight v. Hunger Games feud... 
“We all just sat around eating food,” Emma said of their girls’ night. “We were all starving and just having a drink and just talking about how crazy it all is. … They’re both lovely. 
They’re both super, super sweet.”
Knowing that the media has always been making ridiculous rumors about these great actresses having some kind of feud due to their successes and franchise rivalries, it's nice to know that they all finally had the chance to meet each other.


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