September 06, 2012

VIDEO: Director Kevin Tancharoen’s Pitch Trailer for ‘The Hunger Games’ (A Must Watch)

Kevin Tancharoen, one of the directors who were up against Gary Ross for the job of directing The Hunger Games, shared his pitch trailer for the movie with Slash Film. If you guys still recall, Tancharoen along with David Slade, Rupert Sanders, Sam Mendes, Andrew Adamson and Susanna White were all in the running to direct the film adaptation of The Hunger Games, but the coveted job eventually went to Gary Ross. Watch the video pitch of Kevin Tancharoen's take on The Hunger Games below!

And here’s a snippet of the interview where Tancharoen talks about putting his Hunger Games pitch trailer together.
Peter: How long did it take you to put together the pitch trailer for Hunger Games? 
Kevin: It took me a month to finish it all. The pitch book took a little longer. 
Peter: One signature thing I’ve seen in many of these pitch trailer mash-ups is the section where they introduce the cast. Is this your dream cast? Or is this a way to establish your casting taste for the project?
Kevin: As far as the cast is concerned, I was just trying to show some casting choices. It wasn’t trying to pitch that exact cast or anything. 
Peter: Do you ever create shots or special effects to put into these trailer mash-up pitches? 
Kevin: Sometimes I do create specific shots if I think it will help tremendously. It would either be a matte painting to showcase scope or, in the case of Hunger Games, I had a CG mocking jay created for the ending logo. 
Peter: We don’t end up seeing many of these pitch reels for obvious reasons such as rights clearances. Its a shame because so much time goes into putting these together and they’re very enjoyable to watch. Recently we’ve seen some directors upload these online for all to experience. How do you feel about your Hunger Games trailer being circulated online?

Kevin: I think its a lot of fun to revisit it. It was incredibly difficult to find all these clips and tell a new story but I’m happy with the way it turned out. I would love for this to be an example for people who want to know what a pitch reel looks like and how to create one from existing movies. I really loved the film that Lionsgate, Gary Ross, and Nina Jacobson made – I went opening night. I just think it’s interesting to see how different directors visualize the same source material. I’ve always enjoyed when other directors showcase their process…it has helped me learn tremendously.
It's so weird and mind-boggling at the same time seeing a different director's vision of how The Hunger Games should look like if translated into a film. Let us know what you think of Tancharoen's take on The Hunger Games in the comments below. 

You can read the full interview at Slash Film.


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