September 03, 2012

INTERVIEW: Donald Sutherland (President Snow) on The Hunger Games: "It almost makes me weep."

Our President Snow, Donald Sutherland, shares his thoughts on The Hunger Games movie in a new interview with Starburst Magazine, in celebration of today's release of The Hunger Games Blu-ray/DVD in the UK.

Starburst: You’ve played a judge, general, captain and a priest, but only an animated President (in 2009’s Astro Boy). Were you eager to play a human President? 
Donald Sutherland: No! I couldn’t give a s**t. 
Fair play. 
I was sent this script by director Gary Ross. I read it and immediately wrote a letter to my agent because I came away from it with my mind terribly stimulated, extraordinarily impressed. 
So the film more than lived up to your expectations then? 
I am overwhelmed by it. It almost makes me weep. I just loved it; it’s important for this fragmented society that we live in. And it’s not just the United States but the world in general. And I do so hope Barack Obama gets re-elected.
You worked with a very young cast in this film. Were they in awe of you? 
Well, I don’t really work with them in this one unfortunately, but all the actors I’ve worked with have been so nice and mind-bogglingly respectful. Maybe it’s just because  I’m old and enthusiastic. 
How do the general public react when they spot you? 
With incredible courtesy, except periodically with the Internet now and photographs on it. You do have to be really careful because people try and make it look like you’re their best friend, so you try and avoid that. If I see people taking pictures with their telephones, I try and turn away but, other than that, the people who actually come up and say hello are terrific and that is very much appreciated actually cause you know, it’s that they are just nice
The more I read interviews of Donald Sutherland, the more I appreciate him for his substantial understanding of The Hunger Games. :)

You can read the full Q&A at HERE.


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