September 08, 2012

ARTICLE: Jennifer Lawrence talks about dancing, weird women & "Satan's Shoes"

USA Today has posted a short, funny article from their interview with Jennifer Lawrence at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival yesterday, where they listed proofs of why Jennifer is the coolest woman in Hollywood.
  • She kicks off "Satan's shoes" (aka gold stilettos) and lays down on the couch, barefoot, to talk to me. 
  • She's tired. Very tired. And doesn't complain. "I might not be making sense. Just change everything." 
  • She disses her dancing skills in Silver Linings Playbook. "That's a sad thing to watch. I'm an awful dancer. I was stress-eating. I'd completely given up." 
  • She loves played flawed, weird women. "I thought (my character) was hilarious. I find it really amusing how (the director) can take someone who's crazy and not someone to look up to and make them someone you really like. There's so many dimensions."

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