September 26, 2012

OFFICIAL: Casting for Cecelia, Woof, Blight & other tributes in Catching Fire has been REVEALED!

Today is the day Hunger Games fans! Lionsgate has officially and finally announced the actors who will be playing the roles of Cecelia, Woof, Blight and all the other remaining Quarter Quell tributes in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire that haven't been revealed before. Listed below are their names, along with photos, the roles that they will be playing and links to their IMDB page if available.

James Logan (District 5 Tribute Boy)

Ivette Li-Sanchez (District 5 Tribute Girl)

Justin Hix (Disttrict 6 Tribute Boy - Morphling)

Megan Hayes (District 6 Tribute Girl - Morphling)
Bobby Jordan (District 7 Tribute Boy - Blight)

John Casino (District 8 Tribute Boy - Woof)

Elena Sanchez (District 8 Tribute Girl - Cecelia)

Daniel Bernhardt (District 9 Tribute Boy)

Marian Green (District 9 Tribute Girl)

Jackson Spidell (District 10 Tribute Boy)

Tiffany Waxler (District 10 Tribute Girl)

Also, Paula Malcolmson who played Mrs. Everdeen, is set to recur her role and was added to the spot of the "mystery girl" on the Catching Fire Casting Facebook Page. In addition, it looks like Tifanny Waxler (District 10 Tribute Girl) was the unknown redhead actress who was spotted with Philip Seymour Hoffman on set a few weeks ago. Let us know what you think of the final Catching Fire casting announcements on the comments below!

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