September 22, 2012

INTERVIEW: Woody Harrelson says he's looking forward to working with Philip Seymour Hoffman (Plutarch)

Broadway World had the chance to catch up with Woody Harrelson recently, where he talked about his new Broadway play Bullet for Adolf, Jennifer Lawrence, looking forward to working with Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and more. Below is the excerpt of the interview.
PC: Last question: what have you experiences like been so far working with your new HUNGER GAMES cast-mate Philip Seymour Hoffman- who has also done this column, incidentally? 
WH: Oh, well, I am leaving tomorrow to go to Atlanta to film the new HUNGER GAMES, but I can tell you that there definitely will be some stuff that we have together in the next film. And, I think he is just one of the greats, so I am really looking forward to working with him 
PC: Do you two know each other through Paul Thomas Anderson? Have you and Philip ever worked together? 
WH: We’ve never worked together, I don’t think, but we’ve known each other for a while – and we’ve hung out a few times. He’s a real prince of a guy. 
PC: From my experience, it seems that you both are so open and cool and really just all about the work.
WH: That’s really nice to hear, so I appreciate you saying it, man. 
PC: Jennifer Lawrenceis another co-star of yours who is poised to take Hollywood by storm. 
WH: Oh, she’s so incredibly talented – yeah, she’s great. All of them are really great on THE HUNGER GAMES, so I am looking forward to getting back there to Atlanta. 
PC: Does this look like it might be your career high next year with such hi-profile stage, small screen and big screen projects? 
WH: [Laughs.] Well, you never know for sure about things like that, but I feel really great about how things are right now. Right now, I guess I feel like my main focus is still BULLET FOR ADOLF, but, soon, it will be all about CATCHING FIRE.
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