September 28, 2012

INTERVIEW: Woody Harrelson talks about splitting 'Mockingjay' into 2 films and Haymitch's name

In a recently posted interview with, Woody Harrelson talks about working with new director Francis Lawrence and his character's name, Haymitch. He also shares his thoughts on Mockingjay being split into two films. Read it below! What are you looking forward to about shooting Catching Fire with Francis Lawrence? 
Harrelson: Well, I ran into Jen[nifer Lawrence] last night. There’s such cool people that are working on this and that worked on the last one. It’s a wild thing to switch your conductor but I think that he’ll be great. He’s really hyper prepared and he’s a fantastic director. Having hung with him a couple times I like his temperament. I hear he’s very mellow on set. You never know if you’re going to get a screamer but he’s not that. I think it’ll be really good. Is Haymitch Abernathy the best name for a character you’ve ever played? 
Harrelson: Maybe so. I love it. What do think about making the third book as two movies? 
Harrelson: Well, I think it could work. It really depends on how the scripts come in. I hate to comment on it before I know what it’s going to be. Obviously it’s possible that you can do it but how it’s going to turn out, I don’t know. I’m hopeful.
I love all of the character names in The Hunger Games trilogy, but Haymitch is probably my most favorite. ;)



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