October 02, 2012

PHOTO: First look at the "Peeta Doll" from Tonner Doll Company

Tonner Doll company released the images and started pre-orders for their Katniss and Gale dolls about 2 months ago. Although the Peeta doll was also already available for pre-order, images for it weren't available yet. But now, Tonner Doll has released a photo for the "Peeta Doll" on their website
The final piece from The Hunger Games Collection: Peeta! Last but certainly not least, Peeta is 17” tall on the Matt body with Peeta Mellark sculpt, and arrives wearing his Arena Outfit! NOW available for pre-order!

Peeta doll costs $169.99 
 Gale doll costs $169.99
 Katniss doll costs $179.99.

Visit Tonner’s website for more info.


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