November 16, 2012

INTERVIEW: Jennifer Lawrence: "Hunger Games is such an awesome thing to be a part of"

USA Today has a new brief interview with our Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence about The Hunger Games.
On the success and popularity of The Hunger Games: “It’s so huge. It’s why I almost didn’t take the movie. It’s a character that can very easily overpower the rest of my characters.” 
On The Hunger Games’message: “It’s such an awesome thing to be part of something that speaks to so many young kids about something that actually matters, about what one young person can actually do. I feel like I’m part of an important message and that feels good.” 
On wanting to expand her career: “I want to have a production company. Sometimes I read a script and wonder, how is this not being made? And I drive past the billboards and the movies that are being made – it’s just so infuriating. I want to change that, hopefully. I’ve always wanted to direct…”


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