November 26, 2012

INTERVIEW: Lenny Kravitz talks about how Cinna will [spoiler] in 'Catching Fire' film

In a new interview with Vulture, Lenny Kravitz talked about his character Cinna and his work on the upcoming biopic of Marvin Gaye. Spoiler Alert! Again, if you haven't read the 2nd book in The Hunger Games trilogy, don't read the interview. It contains mild spoilers.
Meanwhile, how has being in The Hunger Games affected your fan base?
Um, well, I have eight-year-old kids coming up to me who know me as Cinna and have no idea that I make music.
SPOILER ALERT: The book mentions your character being tortured for supporting Katniss. Will we see that on screen?
Um, I can’t say too much about it. But you will see how he leaves the story.

Personally, what do you think is the worst way to be tortured?
Oh wow — there’s trivial torture, and there’s real torture. I guess on a trivial level, you know, not being able to hear or make music. That would drive me crazy, yeah.

People have been reporting online that you’re going to play Marvin Gaye in a biopic from director Julien Temple (London: The Modern Babylon, Absolute Beginners).
I have been working with Julien, and that’s all I can say right now. We’ll be shooting next year. There’ll be more to come, information-wise, very shortly.
You can read the entire interview HERE


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