December 10, 2012

NEWS: 'The Hunger Games' tops Yahoo's Most Searched Movies of 2012

Last week, we posted that The Hunger Games made Yahoo's 2012 Top Obsession list at #4. As part of their 2012 Year in Review, The Hunger Games film and cast were also included in a few other best-of lists including the Most Searched Movie of the Year!
1. "The Hunger Games." The Suzanne Collins series had the makings of a crossover juggernaut like "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" before it. Its premise, however, involved a 16-year-old archer in post-apocalyptic America, sacrificing herself to fight in a killing field. Oh, and Katniss Everdeen was a girl, one of a growing cadre of underaged onscreen killing femmes. That kind of bloodlust shouldn't have been been surprising, given the female penchant for mysteries, true crime, and Lifetime women-in-peril-who-fight-back lineups. Hollywood also calculated, from "Twilight" figures, that ladies actually went to the movies, and judging from Yahoo! Searches (which ran 63% female), they would show up for this adaptation. The film had a massive opening weekend (in March), the third-biggest grosser in 2012, outperformed "Harry Potter" (in domestic grosses), and the best debut for a film that wasn't a sequel. Its influence didn't stop in the movie theaters: The impulse to shoot some arrows helped fill archery classes across the nation. All this will surely up the ante for sequel "Catching Fire," due out November 2013.
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