December 11, 2012

NEWS: 'We The Kings' confirms having negotiations with Lionsgate about possible song on 'Catching Fire' Soundtrack

Last summer, Travis Clark, the vocalist of the band We The Kings, revealed on Twitter that he "just wrote a song for The Hunger Games soundtrack." Today, according to a new interview that Travis did with Brandenton Herald, he confirms that they have been having meetings with the "Hunger Games people" about the possibility of having a song on The Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack.

We the Kings’ next big hit could come from a soundtrack. 
Clark’s “The Art of War” is a song the band recorded for the highly anticipated “Hunger Games” sequel “Catching Fire” that’s expected to open next November.
“We’re taking meetings with all the ‘Hunger Games’ people and it seems very positive right now,” Clark said. “Hearing our song on a movie like that is just going to be incredible.”
We the Kings has actually recorded several songs recently in Los Angeles. Bradenton fans will get to hear them first on Dec. 27.


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