December 18, 2012

RUMOR: Wilbur Fitzgerald playing the role of "Cray" in 'Catching Fire'

When Lionsgate were doing their weekly casting announcements last summer, we were wondering if they're also going to announce the casting for some minor characters from the Catching Fire book, including the role of Cray - the old District 12 Peacekeeper who is replaced by Romulus Thread.

Interestingly, after a clever online investigation done by our friends at HG Fireside Chat and Victor's Village, it looks like actor Wilbur Fitzgerald was cast to play the role. How? Well, his profile page on his talent agency's website lists the role of Cray in his credits, as well as on his IMDB page.

But as always, consider this information just a rumor for now until Lionsgate confirms anything. But if it's true, we're excited to see how this role will be portrayed in the film. Is Wilbur Fitzgerald how you pictured Cray in the books? Sound off in the comments.



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