January 10, 2013

VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson talk about their offcam chemistry, get hyper backstage at the People's Choice Awards

Entertainment Tonight had the chance to catch up with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson backstage at the People's Choice Awards last night.
During her solo interview, the 22-year-old actress admits to being nervous and shaking; however her nervousness evolves into a hyper frenzy after she meets Swift and returns for a dual interview with Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson. 
The two joke about their off-screen chemistry with ET’s co-host and Lawrence reveals how hyper she is when Hutcherson jokes that their chemistry depends on what time of the month it is. 
“That time of the month? Yeah, Josh gets periods. It’s weird,” she jokes, then regretting her comment. “I’m so hyper; I need to calm down. I just met Taylor Swift and I’m still freaking out. [Josh] needs to answer the questions ’cause I’m still geeking out.”



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