February 26, 2013

INTERVIEW: Jennifer Lawrence says 'Catching Fire' filming this March is for unfinished scenes

At the Oscars last Sunday, Jennifer Lawrence confirmed to Access Hollywood that she is headed back to Hawaii on Monday (yesterday) to wrap up filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She also revealed that the filming is not for re-shoots, but for scenes that they have not yet finished shooting.

“I go get my hair dyed for ‘Catching Fire’ reshoots and fly to Hawaii tomorrow morning,” Jennifer told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush on the Oscars red carpet in Hollywood on Sunday. 
Jennifer said she and the “Catching Fire” crew have a half a month left on the islands shooting the “Hunger Games” sequel.
“[We’ll be there for] two weeks,” she said. “[It’s] not reshoots, they’re just scenes we haven’t finished.”


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