February 03, 2013

ARTICLE: Why 'The Hunger Games' was not nominated for an Oscar

The 2013 Academy Awards are coming up in a few weeks! And although nominees for acting awards and the prestigious Best Picture award are truly deserving this year, some fans are wondering why their favorites did not even get a nomination in any of the categories. In a new article from EW, they break down the reasons why some of the beloved and critically acclaimed films of the previous year were not nominated for an Oscar. And The Hunger Games is included!
Just about every year, brilliant movies are utterly ignored by the Oscars. 
The Searchers, Groundhog Day, Breathless, King Kong, Casino Royale, Touch of Evil, Caddyshack, Mean Streets, The Big Lebowski — the Academy has a long history of overlooking comedies, action movies, horror flicks, hard-boiled genre pics, artsy foreign films, and documentaries that aren’t about World War II. This year, we’ll be taking a closer look at films that were too small, too weird, or perhaps simply too awesome for the Academy Awards. These are the Non-Nominees. 
The Film: The Hunger Games. This action-adventure teen bait — based on the book trilogy of the same name — takes place in a post-apocalyptic nation called Panem, a dystopia that forces 12 unlucky children to participate in an annual fight-to-the-death competition called The Hunger Games. However, this long-running competition is shaken up when fiery spirit Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) enters the arena and inspires a revolution. Oh, and there’s a love triangle in there, too.
Why it Wasn’t Nominated: Young adult novel adaptations have never fared well with Oscar. (This year, there are three* book adaptations in the Best Picture race: Les Misérables, Silver Linings Playbook, and Life of Pi.)The most often cited example of the Academy’s tendency to snub young-skewing fiction is the Harry Potter films, all of which failed to grab nominations in non-technical categories and never won an award in anycategory. Those staggering stats come despite breaking box office records and gaining heaps of critical praise over the course of an entire decade worth of films.


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