March 04, 2013

CATCHING FIRE SURPRISE: First Look at Effie Trinket's Capitol Portrait for Catching Fire (PHOTO)

OH MY HUNGER GAMES! Last week, Capitol Couture teased a re-launch with a clue that says: "Always Elegant. Always Prompt. Join us on March 4. #LadiesFirst" and a photo of a fancy-yet-empty chair on the website. 

And now that it is the 4th of March, we're finally getting the answer to that clue. We now have our first look at Effie Trinket's Capitol Portrait with the caption:

“It’s a big, big, big day. The #EffieTrinketCapitolPortrait has arrived! Chins up. Smiles on. #LadiesFirst”

There is a detailed info about Effie's outfit and a countdown until the next portrait is revealed (ahh! another empty chair), which will be at 3:00 pm PT. The clue is "Let’s hear some #ApplausePlease!" Who do you think it will be? And what do you think of Effie's portrait? Tell us in the comments.

Although we knew it was going to be something related to Effie, we were still sort of hoping that they'd reveal the official Catching Fire trailer release date. Ugh, we just can't wait any longer!


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