March 26, 2013

VIDEO: Willow Shields says Prim is more mature and sophisticated in 'Catching Fire'

MTV had the chance to catch up with our lovely Primrose Everdeen - Willow Shields at the recent 2013 Kids Choice Awards (photos and videos here) where she talked about The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire and what fans can expect from her character. Check out the video below!

Transcript for our international readers:

“She’s become a little bit older and more sophisticated,” Willow said of her character, who’s evolution from innocent girl to reluctant revolutionary is a key point in the books. “But she’s still Prim, which is good!” 
And for the actress, it’s not hard to pull inspiration from her own life to inform her performance as Prim; actually, the filming schedule has worked out so that she’s aging at almost exactly the same pace as her on-screen persona. 
She explained, “I’m growing up with that character. I’m almost 13 now, and she’s growing up too, so it works.”


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