April 14, 2013

REMINDER: The official trailer for 'Catching Fire' premieres on MTV Movie Awards tonight!

The day that we have been waiting for has arrived, Hunger Games fans! It's Catching Fire trailer day! And because it's a momentous event in our fandom lives and we want to remember it forever, we want to see your reaction videos! Simply take a video of yourself as you watch the Catching Fire trailer for the first time either on MTV Movie Awards tonight or on! Then upload your video on Youtube or any other embeddable video-sharing platform and send the link to us at by Tuesday at 4:00 pm CT. We will post our favorites on the site on Wednesday.
Watch the MTV Movie Awards live tonight at 9:00 PM ET. Can't watch it on TV? We've made a list of Livestreams for you below:
Stream link #1 (this link is not available outside the US)
Stream link #2 (this is a direct stream of the MTV channel, it should work for everyone)
Stream link #3 (this is a ustream link, we don’t know if it works outside the US)
Stream link #4 (this is a different ustream link)
We will also be live tweeting with you guys. Make sure to join us on Twitter @TheHungerGamers.

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