May 21, 2013

VIDEO: 'Catching Fire' director and stars Jennifer Lawrence & Sam Claflin talk new scenes & changes

Yahoo! Movies caught up with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire director Francis Lawrence and cast members Jennifer Lawrence and Sam Claflin at the Catching Fire party at Cannes Film Festival over the weekend (photos here), where the trio talked about what fans can expect from the film, new scenes, few changes and more. Our FinnickSam Claflin even confirmed that one of the most highly anticipated scenes will indeed be in the film. So exciting!

Warning: the interviews contain mild spoilers. Watch/read at your own risk.

Here's a transcript from Hypable:
“Visually it’s a lot bigger this time,” said Jennifer Lawrence. “We get a lot deeper into the Capitol, and Katniss is trying her new life, trying to get her life back together after the Games and suffering from post traumatic stress.”
Added director Francis Lawrence, “My style is a little different in terms of the way that I photograph things and some of the costumes have grown and changed a little bit. It was a fun and I think I bought my own stamp on it but still stayed true to the world that was created.”
Sam Claflin hinted that there were changes made only to benefit the story in a dramatic sense. “There are things that are slighty fabricated only to create a more dramatic moment,” he said.
“I would say there’s very little that’s been taken out,” said Francis. “There are some additional scenes with some of the characters – like with Plutarch and Snow.”
At the end of the interview, Claflin is asked which scene was his favorite to shoot, and the answer was a great one: “I’d have to be giving Josh Hutcherson CPR. My mouth touching his was a beautiful moment, and it’ll live with me for the rest of my life. We’re meant to be together.”
OH MY HUNGER GAMES! It is happening Hunger Gamers! It is hapenning. Thoughts? Tell us in the comments.


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